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Calm Down Surface Pro Commercial Haters Apple Hasn’t Had A Good Commercial In Years Either!

Had a few Tweets that were stemming from an article written by David K about the Surface Pro commercials during the Grammy’s. He felt that they failed to explain the product. Even though Ramon and I, who are much cooler than he is BTW, respectfully disagreed, he has fired back and said that BGR also thought the same thing. I thought the commercial was hit all the highlights and did a good job":

  • Business Class
  • Stylus (s?) are for cool people
  • Keyboard and cover are the bomb but pricey
  • Fresh UI
  • Beat boxin’ with a mic plugged in






So I was thinking it nailed it and wondered if this was bad, then how bad is the Apple commercials. The last memorable Apple commercial in my opinion was Get a Mac Series. Running from  2006-2009 (Does it seem that long ago?) the I’m a Mac and I’m a PC guys were hilarious. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs characters were brilliant and funny.  

Given the challenges facing Microsoft to become a force in the smartphone market, reinvent themselves in the PC market, and stay the leader in the console gaming industry, I think this is a good commercial. So what you got next Apple? What’s your next memorable commercial?

Wait, and was that William Hung making a guest appearance?