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iPhone security bypass…again.

If you’ve been an iPhone user for some time, you would have remembered this nasty little security issue a few clicks back. Where a few key presses would completely disrespect one’s security on the iPhone. Well, guess what? The fruit company has allowed another such bypass to sneak out again.

Security bypass shown here

This amusing little bypass is done by entering emergency call mode, dialing ###, and then immediately tapping the sleep button at the top. This will then grant the would be unsophisticated hacker access to your call log, favorites, contacts list and even visual voicemail. NICE! Take a look at the video below for some more humor.


Say what you will, but the iPhone platform continues to be a joke. At this point, it is clear Apple couldn’t secure a black turtleneck in Steve Jobs’ closet. As of now, my sim card has been removed from my iPhone4 for good. You shall put my personal information at risk NO MORE fruit company!