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iPhone4S a hit…with Apple lovers only?

Piper Jaffray reported 73 percent of those lining up in front of the tills across the US were existing iPhone owners โ€“ roughly equivalent to the number picking up iPhone 4 at launch in 2010.

Now the non-iOS owners on staff here at Mobility Digest thought as much but to see it from an external source just solidifies this.  So the iPhone 4S is setting marks and Android is concurrently expanding its dominance in the smartphone race.  In fact this morning I was in AT&T store surveying store employees and found iPhone 4S 64GB models in stock in both black and white.

While conducting the survey there were approximately 7 phones purchased.  Of the seven phones 1 was a Windows Phone (Samsung Focus free on contract), 5 Androids of varying models and 1 iPhone 4.  Yes thatโ€™s correct, not the 4S but the iPhone 4.  Basically cheap was winning out and one thing Android phones are becoming synonymous with is being cheaper.

No doubt the iPhone4S is a great phone.  The thing is that there is so many very good to great phones in the market now that its harder to amaze without innovating on the software side.  iOS5 might be a great update for iOS users but the notable features are almost entirely taken from competing platforms.

Source: Pocketgamer