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iPhones Are Preferred by 71 Percent of Congress

If congress has a 14% approval rating, could that mean that only 14% of you would even care about what smart phone they have? Well, being that we seem heavily dominated by Windows Phone fans here, let the moaning and snide comments commence. Turns out, most of congress, 71% of them to be exact prefer the fruit phone over all others. Shockingly second place does to none other than the trusty BlackBerry that even President Obama took into office with him. 28% of congress still tote their Blackberry around with them and just 1 member of congress carries a Windows Phone.

Only Rep. Suzan DelBene (D-Wash.) who worked first on the Redmond Hill carries a Windows Phone. The former Microsoft executive turned politician represents Redmond Washington where Microsoft headquarters is located. Good call their Suzan.

Android was the biggest shock however. With a  nationwide favorability of 52%, it was surprising that congress usage of the Google platform was only 9%.

Clearly our elected law makers a little behind the trends of their constituents, but no one is really shocked by that are they?

[source via The Hill & Reddit]

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