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iPin Laser Presenter Now Available in North America

For some reason I think this is just really cool! It’s a tiny little laser pointer basically that goes into the audio port of your iPhone and really almost sits flush with the phone, it’s not some huge attachment, it’s very minimal and I’d have to say well designed by the looks of it. It comes complete with an app for controlling the iPin but the also controls your slides for your presentation and has cursor control and even a timer built-in. I’m not sure what I’d use it for as I don’t de presentations, but my cats would love it for sure, then again my dogs would too. My dogs are weird, they like lasers as much as my cats do! Surprisingly it’s inexpensive at only $43.09 right now on Amazon, I was really expecting it to be at least $100. So anyway, pictures and info below for you..



Conary Enterprise is pleased to announce that the COMPUTEX 2013 d&i Gold Award winning iPin Laser Presenter is now available in North America. The iPin is a tiny, iPhone-powered laser pointer and presenter that comes with its own slide-controlling app. This delicately designed device can turn an iPhone into a professional presentation system in a matter of seconds, making it the ultimate companion for anyone using an iPhone.

Low Profile Design and Effortless Transport

Unlike similar devices, the iPin sits nearly flush with the phone surface, and can be turned on and off with a simple twist. When turned off, it doesn’t interfere with normal phone operations. As a result, this tiny laser can be left in the audio jack between uses, providing unrivaled convenience and making it almost impossible to misplace. If there is a need to plug a headphone into the plug, the laser can be stored in the complimentary headphone clip, which can be attached to any headphone cable.

Professional Presentation Toolkit

The bundled professional software, a free downloadable app and its computer host program, turn the iPin into a professional presentation toolkit, giving users full remote control of their presentations. IP recognition is used to ensure a secure connection to the right host computer. With a quick swipe of the thumb anywhere on the screen, slides can be changed, and by pressing down on the screen, the laser is activated. Other features include a trackpad for controlling the cursor and a presentation timer.

From Construction to Tourism – In the Office or On-The-Go

There are plenty of ways in which the iPin can be used. The iPin offers a great way for business professionals or professors to manage slides, keep track of time and point out details during a sales pitch or a lecture. Thanks to its powerful laser, construction site managers can use the iPin to point to a new section of a wall from a distance of 40m by simply taking out their iPhone from their pocket. Tour guides can use the iPin to point out a sculpture, and then call the hotel to confirm an arrival without switching between devices. All of these qualities make the iPin an ideal tool for anyone – as a laser pointer, a presentation tool, or both. The iPinis also compatible with the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, on the iOS7.


The iPin can be purchased in the United States on,,,, iPin US Store and and will soon be available on
It can also be purchased in Canada at Memory Express stores and on line retailers like, Memory,, and and will soon be available on,,,, through SYNNEX CANADA.

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