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Is AT&T Worried About Sprint’s Palm Pre?

When you are number one, everybody comes gunning for you. Even if you are the Apple iPhone, you are not untouchable as some might think. Enter the newest iPhone Killer, the Palm Pre. While many analysts have dismissed the Palm Pre as a real challenger to the iPhone throne, the Palm Pre has at least gotten AT&T’s attention. Check out the AT&T Internal Document obtained by Pre Central:

It is pretty clear from this comparison chart that AT&T is arming their employees with ammunition to fight off any customer challenges to their coveted iPhone from Palm Pre fan boys.

Will the Palm Pre be the iPhone killer? I don’t think it will. Will the Palm Pre be a successful device? I think it could be, but limited to Sprint is not the way to go.  Palm did a horrible job with an excellent device, the Palm Treo Pro getting carrier support, and it doesn’t look like the Palm Pre will do much better residing only with Sprint. But hey, I have been wrong before, Palm does have Angelina Jolie pushing Pre going for them!