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Panoramic Guitar Suite 1.0

I just came across Panoramic Software’s Guitar Suite which has a release date of February 4, 2010. Looks pretty neat for $4. Here’s their description:

The essential application for any guitar player. Panoramic Guitar Suite contains five essential screens: Chords, Scales, Digital Tuner, Tune by Ear, and a Metronome, making it a great and comprehensive aid for guitarists. Practice, reference or teach by accessing Guitar Suite’s library of over 25,000 popular chords. Visual feedback from the extremely accurate Metronome with variable tempo and meter, helps maintain a consistent tempo while practicing.

  • Contains a library of over 25,000 chords
  • 50 scales
  • 19 Guitar Tunings
  • Easy hear any displayed chord
  • Extremely accurate metronome with variable tempo and meter
  • High precision digital tuner
  • Finger friend "tune by ear" mode with support for all 19 tunings
  • Free play mode allows you to finger tap any string or fret and play basic melodies
  • Comprehensive scale display on play mode that works with any tuning
  • Right and Left-handed layout option
  • Seven (7) vibrant skins

You can get more information here on their website.

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