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Is cancelling order at a PITA?

It seems it’s a PITA to cancel an order at The lack of proper cancelling procedure is really a mess it seems. You have to call so many numbers to just cancel on stupid order, which contained the wrongful item. I’ve found that few people who went through this process, especially the non-contract phones such as Lumia 920, Lumia 1520 etc. buying at full price and realize they are locked to AT&T and no way could they unlock it to use it on their networks. This is happening especially to international travelers, who come to the US on a trip and buy. If it is store purchase they could go back to store and return. Easy. If it is ordered through, and then immediately even before it is shipped they realized that they couldn’t unlock it and want to cancel the order, it is not easy anymore. I’ve found few stories in this regards. After ordering online, they start chatting with an agent at and was said to dial into support line. They’ve dialed and after handful of transfers and killing good amount of time on wire, they were able to talk to someone who knows how to cancel the order. Since I never cancelled or modified my order before with any online store, I don’t know the process. But having labeled as #1 software company, I think lacking proper canceling procedure and that too lacking public facing canceling procedure online is definitely a minus for Microsoft.

Microsoft Fanboys, I am a Microsoft Fanboy too and I’ve bought good number of devices from and also from local Microsoft store. I’ve never encountered this situation though. The staff are very friendly in any case. That’s what I’ve experienced in my case and also the people who went through this pains to cancel the order also told me the staff are super friendly.

Did anyone of you experience similar PITA to cancel an order from any online store including