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MobilityLeaks: Somehow We Agree on Something

On 5/9/2011 2:26 PM, Doug Simmons wrote:

Imagine if this had been a wp. My guess is that it would sell relatively well, the best phone in various respects. Conversely, you know what won’t turn heads, another year or two of pansy-ass 800MHz/256mb/8mb phones no matter how "optimized" the platform’s employment of some gpu it may be, no matter how less likely than Microsoft Google is to shake down OEMs with these "unnecessary wars" Murani yaps about as if that behavior isn’t indefensibly repugnant.


Any way you slice it that’s a great start.  How does this compare to other recent Android releases?  Trying to get a gauge on if this is due more to the popularity of the Galaxy S series or just general state of Android Awesomenes.

Chris Leiter:

That’s purely Samsung awesomeness right there.


Im not getting the Infuse and holding out for the Samsung Galaxy S II. Watching the videos on this phone is trully amazing. I really like the Captivate. Should be out in the states by late July hopefully.

Doug Smith:

I just made some changes to the sidebar of the front page of the site and went back and looked at it. Glad I did or I would have missed this:

Quote of the day:

Doug Simmons: Question dickbag, if Microsoft’s product is both superior and less expensive /and/ less illegal, why the fuck would B&N make their book thing run Android in addition to, like Amazon, not even making a Windows Phone app?

You are aware that that only makes sense from a delusional perspective, correct?

Doug Simmons:

That’s great and all, may the best hardware succeed, but I will say this about Samsung based on screwing with the Captivate and a couple Nexus Ss after an extended era of HTC phones in my life. While Samsung may be able to produce a crowd pleaser that at the first few glances may trump whatever HTC’s got at the time to a given consumer, if you look closely enough you may be left with the impression that HTC’s our tried and true Old Faithful phone company making devices built Ford tough whereas Samsung makes the rice burners juiced up with racing mufflers, neon lights beneath the chassis and nitrous oxide or whatever.

For example, the pervasive ubiquitous complaints that Samsung phones feel cheap and dinky. They did a lousy job on the compasses in the Nexus S. Mine is off by thirty degrees, my wife’s by at least ten, plenty of threads out there bitching about Samsung compasses. The GPS receiver in the Nexus S is substantially inferior to those of HTC phones, though with the advent of wifi location that’s not that big an issue anymore. Better wifi range on an ipod touch by a little bit. Little things, like the battery lids being a bitch to open. Questionable power button placement, protrusion, looseness, better quality headphones sound-wise but only a play/pause button not forward and back like the Nexus One (or support for headphones with such buttons), no 720p like its Nexus predecessor, no dangerously-bright mode LED flash, can’t calculate Pi as fast.

Worst of all as I recently discovered with the warmer weather, the damn Samsung camera takes very overexposed pictures of sunbathers. HTC didn’t drop that ball on me.

But their screens are to die for. And man, the specs on this new phone! To put it into perspective for you, here we can’t even see this woman’s face or chest, nor are we too sure of how cute her scrumptious hiney is when examining her while she’s crouching but we all would bet green money that if she stood up and twirled around for us we’d be quite taken by her "specs" and subsequently reflect on whether irony is the word to use that she’s the photographer and not the subject, an often debated and polarizing word:

Some of you might even go so far as to ask me for a higher res version for further analysis.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that my impression of Samsung hardware is that Samsung makes girlfriends, HTC makes wives; though with phones it’s okay to bounce around every now and then from a wife to a new girlfriend which may be the healthy thing for us consumers to do.


David K:

Anyone free to post on all of the new mango goodies? Simmons, if you missed it, real shit. voice to text, turn by turn, messenger integration, music recognition (shazam), some version of google goggles type thing, podcast downloading…some other shit too


Software gangstaz indeed.  I am buying my entire staff WP7’s for Christmas.  Simmons might win our bet but I’ll gladly trade that for what Microsoft is about to pull off.  That’s not even including the potential Skype acquisition.  Microsoft is set to get their mojo back!

Doug Simmons

Buying your entire staff WPs? Given how miniscule WP’s share is at the moment (and forever hereafter), something that drastic could have a significant effect on something on which we have money riding. Not quite sure what you’re up to exactly but I call shenanigans.

You ass goblin.