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Is the grass really greener?

I had an interesting conversation with a client today after she noticed I was using a Lumia 920. She identified the device by its eye popping red and came running over saying “oh, let me see, that’s the Nokia isn’t it?!” The discoveries to follow would be interesting.

I answered, “yes, the Windows Phone 8 one,” the look on her face was clear, she had no idea what a Windows Phone was. All she knew was it was the Nokia phone she’s been seeing all over tv and she wanted to play with it. I found it fascinating that the Lumia could exist as a brand of its own without people even understanding what ran the thing!

But things got a bit more strange, she asked about “kids corner.” admittingly, that was one feature I never even took 2 minutes to play with. So here I was struggling to find this feature in the settings to show her, all the while confused as hell why of all the features in the world, she’s drawn to kids corner. “AJ is always calling my boss lol, I swear this feature would be a life savor.” Well then, we spoke for a bit more, and to close out the convo, she expressed she really likes the phone, but she just purchased her iPhone 4s a few months back. But here is the kicker, she says “thanks for the demo Ramon…” as she pulls down her notification curtain to see what she’d miss while we were chatting.
UGH! here she was completely infatuated by my Lumia, and I was on my side of the fence green with envy, wishing I had some sort of notification hub! Isn’t that interesting? Where does it stop?

iPhone users would kill for some cutting edge hardware, Android users would kill for iOS app quality and Windows Phone is somewhere in the middle. Is it just me? Or do we all look at other platforms silently wishing, dreaming and yes… Hating?!