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Is Your Phone Secure Enough?

Surely security moving forward in this ever encompassing mobile tech-friendly society is important. I’d go as far as saying its universally important. I mean, who wants to be that gal/guy that has had revealing or embarrassing personal photos or texts get out into the public? For the record my hand is not raised. The thing that I’ve realized after much consideration is the misinterpreted concept of what qualifies as security to the mass public. Many battles are fought between the camps of Android, BlackBerry, iOS & Windows Phone users on what platform is the most secure. I’d argue that all are secure for 90% of the consumer market. Yes, I believe that all major mobile platforms are secure enough for 90% of the consumer market.


Maybe it just says that I need to upgrade my network but there isn’t a single person that I know reasonably well that has a device that requires def-con 1 level security. The hottest topic I’ve heard people debating when it came to mobile security was the face recognition unlocking in Android last year. I had several friends ask me what I thought about its awesomeness. Seriously, their word not mine.

I, like pretty much everyone else I interact with on a semi-regular basis, considers are device secure the moment we come up with a sufficiently clever while memorable four-digit passcode. That is all 90% of the consumer market requires to sleep well at night feeling pretty good about their most personal information locked out of the hands of disapproving eyes. So the next time you find yourself engaging in a fierce debate over the merits of each platform’s security just remember this: Keep It Simple Stupid (K-I-S-S). Get creative (as creative as 4-digit combinations can get) and enjoy this thing called life.