Sure enough somebody has stepped up to challenge the current king of social media photo sharing Instagram. Well, technically I’d suppose Facebook would still retain that title. Nonetheless the Instagram photo sharing app competitor Photoplay has released on Android, iOS and WP8 simultaneously delivering a much broader cross-platform play. The app runs smooth, is well designed for each platform and might be the first true challenger to Instagram’s runaway dominance. Yes it is yet another app forcing users to not be wallflowers and to mingle with the crowd but hey, I’m all for something taking the shine off Instagram and knocking it down a peg.

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My advice for everyone that has been rooting for Instagram is to clue your Android and iOS friends on this “hot new” app that everyone is using. LOL, I’ve just discovered House of Lies and its influenced my spin mentality. You know what would be a keen move by Microsoft? Run ads for Photoplay on both iOS App Store and Google Play. Heck, pay a couple celebrities with huge followings to use the app and tweet from it. It would instantly trend and downloads would pour in. Overnight you’d see an Instagram competitor and Facebook would be left with eggs on its face. Can you tell I’m spiteful over Facebook’s reluctance to deliver a credible app to the platform (both FB app and Instagram)? Good it should show. They are darn lucky I don’t have the marketing budget of Microsoft.

Android Link: Photoplay for Android  iPhone Link: Photoplay for iPhone Windows Phone Link:

Source: WPCentral

Images; iTunes App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store


  1. I’m not into instagram at all, but I might get this just… well… just to be an asshole I guess.

  2. Wait a minute! I thought Fhotoroom was the Instagram challenger? I know it has been out in all platforms (unless I’m mistaken). I would have figured Fhotoroom to be the true Instagram challenger, being as how it’s getting a lot more popular, and it’s been out for longer. Still I’ll give this new app a try, and see how its stacks up to both Instagram, and Fhotoroom.

    • Fhotoroom is only on WP8 & Windows 8/RT.

      I, like many others, vividly remember Microsoft promising to promote 3rd party alternatives if certain branded apps didn’t want to support Windows Phone. The fact that they still haven’t openly and consistently promoted Fhotoroom says a lot to me. The Fhotoroom app is fantastic and quite simply better than Instagram yet Microsoft has almost never even featured it.

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