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Kaley Cuoco Stokes Fire On Dish CBS Lawsuit Over Hopper

Knock-knock-knock Penny, knock-knock-knock Penny, knock-knock-knock Penny. You can almost hear Sheldon asking Penny from the Big Bang Theory why she is Tweeting about Dish Networks feature called Hopper that is in litigation with all of the major TV Netowrks including, Kaley Cuoco’s own CBS. It seems yesterday Kaley Tweeted  on Feb 27th about Hopper  which was  a paid endorsement by Dish.

Needless to say CBS caught wind of it really fast and the Tweet was yanked in just a few hours.  Fortunately The Wrap caught the Tweet in time to break the story. So what is all the fuss about? Commercials. It’s always about the Ads.

Dish Network is running a very good marketing campaign which you may have seen the commercial for, and if not, it’s posted below, about it’s handy little mobile app called Hopper. “Watch Everything Go Anywhere” is what Dish is saying . It’s a free service that lets you watch live and recorded TV anywhere. The problem, and why all the networks are hacked off at Hopper is that it allows users to skip ads or commercials in recorded primetime TV like Big Bang Theory. Users can record up to 6 different shows and store up to 2,000 hours of content. That’s a lot of Penny time. BTW, it’s free on Dish Packages of $24.99 a month or more.

Dish’s Hopper feature also has what’s called “Prime Time Anytime”. Dish likes it’s catch phrases apparently. Three hours of primetime programming are available to users up to 8 days from the initial air date. Plus you can save that content forever.

For more Hopper information head on over to Dish.

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