Why is there so much talk about the Lumia 920? Well quite frankly it is special. As the battery on my buddies iPhone 5 died the other day I let him use my Lumia 900 for turn by turn driving directions (via Nokia Drive) and he was blown away within minutes and salivating when I was talking about the 920. Why? Well let’s just look at what it represents on paper. It combines the following:

The #1 OS maker in the world and WP8 has W8 at its core (Microsoft)

The historic leader in phone sales globally (Nokia)

The leader in turn by turn directions and mapping (Navteq – owned by Nokia- sick amount of data points)

The leader in optics (Carl Zeiss)

Best in photography for low-light and anti-shake (Pureview)

#1 in office productivity (MS Office integration)

Leader in security (yup MS and bitlocker)

Integration with the best selling gaming console (Xbox)

The most widely used wireless charging solution (Qi)

Top rated in cloud integration (SkyDrive – yes in reviews it more than holds its ground)

Fastest touchscreen; super sensitive ultra bright and anti-glare with retina resolution topping the iPhone 5’s

Integration with the most widely used VOIP solution (Skype – owned by MS)

Deep integration with the top used IM solutions (Live Messenger and Facebook without battery loss or extra apps)

Native integration with one of the top desktop web browsers (Internet Explorer)

Plenty of extras  like NFC, gorilla glass, a scratch resistant beautiful shell, top notch mics and speakers, etc

Of course, it loses in market share and app count but I’m willing to overlook that for all of this, They built it and we will come for it…


  1. My list is shorter than yours but we both agree on everything:
    1. Powered by Windows 8 Kernel from leader in the industry Microsoft, and integration with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and bringing Facebook messages and Live IM messages into Text.
    2. Made by Nokia, if Nokia can’t deliver quality hardware, none can.
    3. PureMotion HD+ display, much better than AMOLED or retina display.
    4. PureView Camera and Carl Zeiss Optics
    5. Nokia Maps, most of the world is covered by them, not google. And they take input from UPS, FEDEX etc. to get the accurate routes and the traffic information.
    6. Qi Wireless Charging and nothing can beat this.
    7. Nokia Music in addition to Zune Services
    8. Colorful devices and choice of colors to represent each tone. Hate to see the light blue going away from Lumia line though.

  2. Sounds delicious.
    But FOR ME, if it doesn’t come to T-Mo then I personally hope it’s a HUGE failure.

    • A lot of the same reasons to choose the 920 applies to the 810 on T-Mobile though. Sure you don’t have the screen or camera innovations but still packing a solid 8MP plus a good sized screen and ample power.

      The way Nokia updates their apps and works hard to get the apps people want to the Lumia line means a lot to me. The Nokia location platform is the cherry on top.

      I’m getting the 920 in bold Red. I’m lucky enough to spend most of my time either on location shooting pics and video or in my design studio editing pics/video. My meetings with potential clients give me the chance to show off.

  3. From the photos I’ve seen, I think the HTC 8X is a nicer looking phone. I don’t like the shape of the 920 at all.

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