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Wrapsol announces redesigned films with new applications

Today Wrapsol, leading maker of the world’s strongest protective film solutions for devices, released a redesigned application process for their ultra and clean lines of protective films for the Apple iPad, iPad 2 and iPhone 4.  Using a completely dry application method now with "application handles", Wrapsol films can be installed faster than ever with exact alignment and no worry of fingerprint smudges.

These new redesigned films continue to include Wrapsol’s Active Air Release technology, which automatically releases any trapped air bubbles overnight, producing the smoothest and strongest protective films on the market.

These new films are available for $24.95-$29.95 and can be purchased online at  Additional films will be available in the coming weeks for Blackberry and Android handsets and tablets from HTC, Motorola, Samsung and others.

Check out the video below for some pointers on how to install the films.

Please don’t do this at home!!!!


Full release is below.


New, Easier to Apply Protective Film Products Roll Out for Apple iPad, iPad 2 and iPhone 4

Canton, Mass., March 16, 2011—Wrapsol, LLC, a leading maker of film solutions that protect devices against scratches, cracks and dings, has introduced a redesigned application process for the Wrapsolultra and Wrapsol clean screen protectors for the Apple iPad and iPad 2, and complete front, back and sides protection kits for iPhone 4.  Using a completely dry application method with “application handles” that guide the protective film into place, Wrapsol can now be installed faster than ever for unparalleled protection.

The new installation process uses detachable application handles that allow for exact alignment of the protective film with the edges and contours of the device without having to touch either. Wrapsol is applied in just four simple steps: align the film using application handles, tack it down, smooth it on, detach the top film layer with application handles, and done. With Wrapsol’s patent-pending clear and ultra films with Active Air Release technology, any trapped air bubbles dissipate overnight, producing the smoothest, strongest protective film coating on the market today.

“We’ve developed an entirely new application process for Wrapsol that guarantees the strongest protection available and a perfect, fingerprint-free fit in one try,” said Lew Cohen, founder and president of Wrapsol. “Using Wrapsol’s screen protection for iPad and iPad 2 is further simplified with the completely dry application process, just like ultra for iPhone 4.”

The improved application process is currently available for Wrapsol ultra and clean screen protectors for the Apple iPad and iPad 2  (MSPR $24.95 – $29.95). For the iPhone 4 it’s available for ultra front, back and sides plus clean screen protector (MSRP $29.95). An application video for the iPhone 4 can be seen at In the coming weeks the Wrapsol with application handles will be available for a wide variety of products covering Blackberry and Android handsets and tablets from HTC, Motorola, Samsung and others.

The Wrapsol family of device protection systems includes shock absorbing Wrapsol ultra and fingerprint-fighting Wrapsol clean. More than just simple screen protectors, Wrapsol clean and ultra are strong, flexible films made from advanced high-strength polyurethane evolved from paint protection used on Formula One cars.

Wrapsol’s full suite of protective film products covers Apple’s iPhone, iPad, iPad 2 and MacBook lines, the latest Android-based mobile handsets from HTC, Samsung and Motorola, handsets from Blackberry and Nokia and mobile gaming devices like the Sony PSP Go. For a complete list of devices covered visit

All Wrapsol products come in 100% recyclable packaging.