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Jester Declassifies His Take on Snowden

I’ve been outspoken denouncing Snowden as a traitor who has and may continue to cause damage to our government’s ability to protect the country and conduct diplomacy in general, first with this article, that one and another, stating we, rather than venerating him and throwing him a parade, need to “take” him (by take him I meant either get him extradited quickly, abduct him or kill him). I felt I made good arguments. Not good enough – in addition to not being agreed with by anyone, I was ridiculed as being weak-minded, someone implied I was a traitor who lacked certain traits associated with masculinity, another left our site permanently in disgust. All that combined plummeted me into the dreaded blogger’s catatonic post-flamma depression.

Fortunately for my scores of fans, The Jester, about whom I ran a little profile a few years ago, snapped me out of my funk by weighing in on Snowden’s history himself, Snowden’s actions, Wikileaks, your privacy, pole dancing and the NSA. As Jester might have a military background and has exhibited a consistent pattern patriotic digital behavior and apparent levelheadedness for a long clip of time, that may lend his views a lot more credibility than what I muster, obviously. Regarding his own allegiances, he makes that clear: “For the record, I don’t sway towards a pro-government stance, no matter what you may think, I sway toward pro OUR Military, LEA, & Intel Communities who do the same job no matter who is sitting in the big seat.”

So, if you’d please, read Jester’s piece here. And if this doesn’t interest you, the rest of his site might, — don’t ask me what .cc is, the man’s a TLD jetsetter.

Doug Simmons

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