So the other day Joe Belfiore, head of the Windows Phone team and the man you always see on the stage introducing the new WP devices, made a Twitter post using an Android device. There was immediate rage. Joe has come back to Twitter and stated that he has a GS3, iPad and Mac, but ‘usually’ carries a WP in his other pocket. I get that you need to know your competition but it still hurts. I mean, Bill Gates won’t let iPads in his house – that’s devotion. If I had a GS3 there’d be a good reason – like I want to listen to .WAVs (like most corporate voicemails leave you) or grab files over a VPN and my WP8 can’t do it.

Fine to know your enemy at work, but to travel with it and use it as a primary device…sort of feels like he was caught sleeping with his neighbor and then trying to explain he was just trying to learn a few new things.

So we’re clear though, Twitter is actually being sympathetic to him overall.  What are you thinking? Doing his job, filling in the gaps from his own flawed OS or betraying his base?


  1. I still miss WinMo 6.x and Internet Explorer. One can only hope that his using Android will get WP back to what WinMo once was. Only working out of the box instead of searching forums to fix or improve functionality. Even if that was one of the fun parts.
    I lobe the B’s in his text, minebis full of them if I dontbproof read.
    My wife says typing on WP8 is Great!

  2. I always thought Joe would be carrying the latest test build of whatever is in the WP pipeline. It would be disappointing if wav file playing and VPNs weren’t around the corner for WP8.

  3. Who cares. Although hw shouldn’t be allowed to use the GS3’s notification hub or turn off auto rotate! Come on already. Those along with the pretty Spartan brightness settings are the biggest pet peeves I have with WP.

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