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Joe Earl Presents: Bubbles

Joe Earl has released a new game on XDA called Bubbles. It’s pretty straightforward – as the bubbles emerge you need to touch the screen to pop them before they burst. So it’s a race against the clock. It’s a flash based application and it’s very slick looking. But don’t take my word for it, there’s both a free demo version to download as well as a web based version to test. Pretty neat:) And if you’re really into it then you can download the complete game for $1. Oh and you can upload your high scores to a server as well to compete and there are bonus items as well as you play.

It’s simple fun. So go ahead – try the online demo, try the WM demo and if you like it throw a big $1 in the cup to play for life:)

If you don’t have Flash Lite installed on your phone you can download it here for free. This is VGA (Diamond/Touch Pro/Fuze) only at this time but a WVGA version is in the works.