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John Gruber likes Windows Phone 7, not so much Android

John Gruber is a well known advocate of apple’s much loved iOS platform, some even say fan boy. No matter what you call him, his thoughts in the mobile world carries a great deal of weight.

John spoke about his impressions with Windows Phone 7 on his Podcast. Much to everyone’s surprise, he had very positive things to say. Aside from the obvious admiration for the UI, he outlined the ease of use on the keyboard. He even noted it to be “fantastic.”

He then turned his attention to the browser. He mentioned how it handled tables on websites much like the iPhone. He proclaimed it to be a real creditable competitor in that field.

While praising a few of Windows Phone 7’s strong points, John also took the time to dish out a few jabs at Android. It was clear to see he did not like android.

Head over to his podcast to listen to the whole thing. You can skip directly to 55 minutes or so to catch it all directly.

Via Business Insider

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