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Palm Treo 750 running Windows Mobile 6.5!

Palm Treo 750 used to be my favorite windows mobile phones. It’s fast, it feels great in the hand, it has a lot of hard keys and a built in QWERTY keyboard, it has good performance but also good stability.

It was the first windows mobile device to become my personal phone and if it wasn’t for that WiFi (which isn’t there…) I would never let it go…

But guess what, XDA-Developers brought some glory back to this old phone, just before people completely forget how great it used to be.

As you can see above, Windows Mobile 6.5 is now running on Palm Treo 750! sweeeet!


You can download and install the ROM from here.

But, as written in WMExperts, you need to remember the following:

"hacking your phone is bad, unofficial, not necessarily legal, may cause joint pain and loosen teeth, is not safe for small children and some animals, and almost assuredly won’t help you with the opposite sex."