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Keeping Sharp

So the summer has begun and that means a little down time for the old brain hopefully. Well, before it turns to mush why not try some games to keep things flowing (you didn’t think I was going to suggest reading a book, did you?:)). Well here are two free games – one that is a memory based game and ones that’s a logic based game in an attempt to at least keep things flowing up there.


Let’s start with a little memory action here. This will remind you of some of the memory games you played when you were younger (assuming your memory is partially intact). It’s called Memorina from GamesWood and comes via 1800pocketpc.The rules are simple – you have tiles that you get to look at and then they flip face down. You need to flip two tiles at a time to reveal the pairs of tiles to clear the board. This application should be installed from your PC when your phone is connected over activesync. It’s fast and easy to play  and the pics on the tiles change as you go through the levels (and get progressively harder by being more similar).

Next up is SET Game from Igrecway (who also brought us Hang Man). This is a logic game. You are given a series of cards and you need to pick the cards that form a pattern of three cards which can consist of several different variables. So the set can be a tile consisting of one red diamond, then two red diamonds and three red diamonds. Or the set can be three non-matching tiles (like one solid diamond, two shaded diamonds and then three solid diamonds). So, take a look at the image on the right and you’ll see there’s are a few sets that can be picked – the ovals that are solid red consisting of one, two and then three ovals; the two solid diamonds, two solid ovals and two solid squiggly guys; the three solid ovals, three shaded ovals and three outlined ovals…ok so the deal is they can be matching or non-matching but they need to be a set. I know it sounds complicated (especially since my brain is just coming back from vacation so it’s barely functioning) but if you go to ‘settings’ in the game and set it to easy you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

Both of these games are fun to play and they’re great because you can pick them up for a minute or play them for an hour…ok an hour is a bit much but you get the point:) And remember, if you appreciate the developer’s efforts you should buy them a Red Bull for their efforts.