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KeepMyTones Now Keeps Sounds and Notifications

We’ve discussed KeepMyTones in the past as a way to keep custom ringtones and it has now been upgraded so it will also backup and restore your sounds and notification preferences. So you don’t need to spend the time putting your custom sounds in for new text messages and how incoming alerts are treated for example.  Here’s the latest feature list to v1.5:

– List All Contacts and whether they have a ringtone or not.
– Save/Restore Contact Ringtone Settings.
– Edit/Remove Contact Ringtone (WMA and MP3 Supported).
– Ability to decided where to save the file and where to restore from.
Save/Restore your Sounds & Notification Settings
– Program now grabs all events from the phone instead of having them preprogrammed. If an event does not exist on a phone while restoring it will simply skip that event.
– Contact Ringtones can now preview WMA files.
– General Code Cleanup and Optimization
FIXED: Multiple previewing of Contact Ringtones.
FIXED: First Attempt to Fix some Windows Mobile 6.5 Compatibility Issues with cooked ROMs.
FIXED: Removed Custom Message Balloon Notifications replaced with standard MessageBox.

For those of you that flash a lot this is a great update. Keep it up LordFuzzy!

The latest version is available here.