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What’s the Password? No Secret Handshake Required

You know what I hate? All of the usernames and passwords my wife and I have to memorize (and forget) to log into the on-line accounts for our checking (two different ones), investments (four), AT&T (three), electric, insurance (four), garbage, water, Netflix, amazon, ebay, and the list goes on. I have my information in a place so obvious it’s stupid. My wife keeps her list on a piece of paper hidden in her office (I won’t tell you exactly where).

You know what I fear? That someone with nefarious intentions will find them and steal our identity, money, home, and children.

Thank goodness for KeePassPPC , a nifty app that you can use on your PC and your phone to securely store and access every single username and password you have. Just install, set the Master Password (of course, you have to write that somewhere so you won’t forget it), customize the groups you want, input all of your usernames and passwords (best to use MyMobiler for this), and you’re safe, secure, and good to go.