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Kickstarter: iblazr Synchronized Flash for iOS and Android up For Pre-Order

I’m not one for Kickstarter, personally I like to pay for the product and get it. To me Kickstarter is sort of like gambling, you’re giving your money in the hopes you might get something, but if there was one that I would toss my money to it would be the iblazr which actually reached its funding goal and more. It’s at $96,000 of the $58,000 goal, but I guess that doesn’t really mean anything does it? Anyway, the iblazr is an external flash for your iOS or Android tablet or phone. Flashes have gotten better over time, but they’re still not what I would call optimal, so something like this I thin would come in very handy.


Using a smart device for picture-taking has become commonplace, but it comes with disadvantages—white or red eye effect and insignificant power of built-in flash. iblazr, the first external flash for mobile devices that is fully synched to smartphones and tablets, creates an optimal smartphone-ography experience: it provides an uncompromising amount of light and improves photo quality.

The tiny device uses four powerful CREE LED lights that provide enough light for great photographs, any time of day or night. The flash is much more powerful than any smartphone’s built-in flash, and it adds flash to devices that currently don’t have it, including the iPad and other tablets. Additional features include a continuous light mode, changeable brightness, and a built-in, USB rechargeable battery.

In addition, the iblazr team developed propriety free app to maximize the benefits of the flash. The app allows iblazr to synchronize with the device’s camera shutter, use it with both back and front cameras, and adjust the brightness of the light.  The iblazr team is constantly updating the app to create the best results for both photo and video.

iblazr is equipped with a built-in battery to prevent drainage of power from the device. The 200 mAh rechargeable battery lasts up to 1,000 flashes or up to 40 minutes in full power constant light mode. The battery is charged via USB port. Since the iblazr has its own battery, it can be used as a light source for macro-shots, as a backlight for a keyboard, or as a flashlight.

Currently, pledges start at $39 for one black or white iblazr (flexible charger included). A premium anodized aluminum iblazr, which is more powerful than the regular model in constant light mode, is available starting at $59. The different pledge levels reach to $300 for a personalized aluminum iblazr.

Estimated delivery on the project is December 2013. Check out a video about the iblazr here.