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Pyle Audio BlueReach Turns any 30-pin Dock into Wireless Speaker System

I can see where this could come in handy. The Pyle Audio BlueReach let’s you turn any 30-pin style dock into a wireless audio system so you can use your old dock with new Apple products or really any Bluetooth device with an Apple dock. Imagine that, using your Android phone with an Apple dock! Oh the horror?! You’ll have to spend $66.99 though to be able to do this.. Eh, whatever.. some pics and a little info for you below..

Pyle Audio: BlueReach 
Elegant Bluetooth receiver that turns your 30-pin dock into a wireless speaker system

-Users can listen, play and control their favorite music through their existing dock from any iOS or Android device

-Receiver stores up to eight paired devices

-33-feet of working wireless range

-No need to charge the receiver as it uses the power supply directly from the docking station

Available at:

Price: $66.99