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Skyfire 1.5 Released – Hi-Res Is Here!

One of the biggest complaints with Skyfire has always been that it didn’t render in VGA or WVGA and the results were boxy text that wasn’t as sharp as our screens. Notice the use of the past tense? With Skyfire 1.5 comes full VGA and WVGA support so you can finally view websites in all their glory. But that’s just the beginning. They also revised the user interface to make it friendlier, added kinetic scrolling, enabled full screen mode (with no UI to block portions of the screen), updated Flash and Silverlight support and upgraded performance. They’ve also improved the homepage so that you can have your Twitter, Gmail and other feeds waiting for you. I’ve spent a few minutes with it and it’s very impressive. Aside from finally being in hi-res (so all of the images are as sharp as the other browsers) it is fast. It’s fast to load pages and fast to browse within a page. I’d have to do some testing but I think it has the fastest load times of any of the mobile browsers and of course, with Skyfire you get the full internet and not a mobile page, and all of the Flash and other goodies that the actual webpage has to offer. I’m a fan already. The only question is if I make this my default browser. Have you tried it? Did you set it as your default browser?

By the way, if screen rotation doesn’t work (you know, turn the screen and Skyfire turns) just soft reset your phone after the initial installation. To get the download simply visit from your phone.

P.S David K’s write up, I just posted it for him