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ClamCase Pro iPad Keyboard

ClamCase Pro iPad Keyboard 6

Meet the ClamCase Pro keyboard attachment for you ipad, in an attempt to make the tablet standard a bit more functional, Clamcase is asking a pretty penny for this attachment, $170 to be exact! Is this worth it? Depends, if you’re the sort of person would would stop at nothing to have your iPad fool people into thinking you’re among the few to be silly enough to purchase a Macbook Air, then this is for you!

For everyone else? No! As I’ve mentioned countless times before, unlike the Microsoft Surface’s keyboard, these iPad attachment keyboards to not offer courser support, mainly because the iOS itself does not.  Having to constantly reposition myself from typing on the keyboard to reach up and touch the screen is super annoying, believe me, I’ve tried.

None the less, this things Is a nicely designed piece of hardware, probably the best out of the lot in terms of keyboard attachments for the iPad. Head on over to ClamCase site for more info.



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