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Kinoma Feature Focus: Facebook Media

Facebook. It’s the world’s largest social network. But did you know it’s also the world’s largest photo sharing site?

And with the new, built-in Facebook Media app, Kinoma Play is now the easiest, most convenient way to:

  • Update your status
  • See your friends’ statuses
  • Instantly upload pictures that tell the story of your life
  • Post links to videos and music you want to share

Update your status

This is the main screen, where you can choose Update Status to tell the world what you’re thinking.

Tip: By pressing-and-holding Update Status, you can add a ZoomLink directly to this feature on your Home Screen. That way, you can update your status from your Home screen with just a touch.

See your friends’ statuses and photos

Choose My Friends to see your friends’ statuses.

Choose a friend to see their details and view their photo albums.

Choose Photo Albums to browse their albums and view the photos inside.

Upload photos

Maybe it’s a photo marking an important milestone in your life, or maybe it’s just a goofy photo that you know will put a smile on their faces.

Either way, share it with your friends in seconds by showing Kinoma Play’s menu pod and choosing Media > Send > Facebook.

Immediately, your newly-uploaded photo will appear in the photo album you picked, and on your friend’s news feeds as well.

Thanks to Kinoma Play’s exclusive cross-social sharing, you can upload photos to Facebook from literally anywhere — your phone, your Flickr or Picasa accounts, even your home PC via Orb. There’s nothing else on the planet that gives you this kind of flexibility.

Share videos

Kinoma Play is the best YouTube client for mobile, and so of course you can share your favorites on Facebook in seconds.

While watching any YouTube video, just open the menu pod and choose Media > Send > Facebook. You can even add a comment if you like.

Your video will instantly appear on your friend’s news feeds, where they can play it directly.

Instantly, your friends will see what music you’re digging on their news feed.

As you can see, if you use Facebook you should be using Kinoma Play — we think you’ll agree that it’s the best way to Facebook on mobile!

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