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Krashlander UI Demoed – Prepping For WP7 Launch

I don’t think I need to justify why Krashlander gets me so excited. It’s got everything that makes Angry Birds addictive with more of an arcade/hands on feel that works perfectly and I’m really looking forward to playing it. And every time I watch the demoes I want to play it more. Well Farseer Games (Jeff Weber) has a new video showing off more of the UI as he works towards completing the game by October. Here’s all that’s left:

  • Create the remaining 8 levels and tune them for performance and feel.
  • Add trial logic to entice players to purchase the game.
  • Create all the ancillary media for the marketplace and Windows Phone 7 menus.
  • Finish any other odds and ends that crop up while doing the 3 tasks above.

OK check this bad boy out (and if you want to just go to the game play go to 1:19 but the first minute is worth watching so you can preemptively practice.

By the way, MS has been stingy with devices so if you are a dev and are willing to share it with Jeff for a few days reach out to him. it’s for a good cause…