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Launchpad 1.6 and MoTweets 1.6 Beta1 Available

Just over two weeks ago we told you about Panoramic Software making Launchpad 1.6 available as a Beta and it’s now available as a final release. It’s $3.99 and the change log is:

  • Added Localization for Dutch, Romanian, Norwegian, and Russian
  • New finger friendly Favorites screen
  • Ability to have multiple Favorites pages
  • Ability to add Contacts to favorites screen
  • Ability to set the background (Picture, Camera, Theme)
  • Display/access/kill running programs
  • Memory and speed improvements
  • They’ve also made available MoTweets 1.6.0 Beta 1 which is their Twitter app that’s hugely popular. The change log:

  • NEW: Retrieving timeline with new Retweets included
  • NEW: Ability to perform the new style Retweets
  • NEW: User search
  • NEW: video upload
  • Searches now take into account the current language
  • Performance improvements