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The Titans Compared

compare We’ve been hearing a lot about the next set of phones to come out from HTC and there’s been lots of drooling going on. Every hands on video makes us more and more excited. But what are we getting excited over and is it warranted? I decided to take the spec sheets for the heavyweights: the Touch Pro/Fuze, Touch Pro 2, Diamond 2 and the Touch HD. The Touch Pro and Touch HD are available right now (ok the HD is a little tough to get in America but our European friends are loving it).

There’s a few noticeable items. All of the devices use the same processor and RAM/ROM so on paper they should be running at the same speed. Also, although the Diamond 2 and the Touch Pro 2 are always thought of being identical except for the keyboard, there’s actually a different size screen between the phones and both phones have smaller screens than than Touch HD. Also, the Touch Pro\Fuze is the only phone with a camera flash.  There are also software differences out of the box – namely that the newest version of TF3D will be available for the Touch Pro 2 and Diamond 2 and those phones are known to be getting 6.5 upgrades (it’s unclear if the Fuze and the Touch HD will get it).

Anyway, that’s enough describing a spreadhseet for me:) Take a look yourself here (note that it’s a pdf). What do you think? If you already own a Fuze, is it worth the price to upgrade? And if you’re still on a Tilt, is this enough of an upgrade over the Fuze to really get you excited?