The closer to announcement date we get, the more intense the rumors and leaked images become. This time, the back molding of the supposed iPad Mini shows up with a clear space for two cameras. As always, have some salt with these until we hear it from Apple themselves.


  1. You know, I show these to my wife, who has an ipad 2, and she was actually interested in this. I have large hands, and I find the ipad to be perfect in size, but for her or my kids, it can be a bit awkward to hold at times. I can actually see myself getting one of these for her as much as I had told myself that I’d skip it previously. I just hope that the screen resolution is at least what the 1st and 2nd gen iPads had. Would hate for them to have another resolution to fragment an already annoying selection (iPod touch and iphones up to the 3GS have one resolution, the iPhone 4 and 4S share another, the ipad and ipad 2 have one of their own, and of course the latest ipad has the most insane resolution yet. That’s 4. iPhone 5 will add the 5th. If the ipad mini isn’t the same as the older iPads, that’ll be 6. (Sad face)).

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