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Leaked iPhone 5 Schematic Surfaces Confirms Larger Screen

Even though Tim Cook hinted about tighter security regarding new products at the All Things Digital Conference yesterday, it looks like one more tidbit scooted through security and made it’s way to the internet. This leaked Blueprint, be it right or wrong, seems to confirm the widely rumored larger screen version of the next iPhone. Of course you should take this with a grain of salt, but my thinking is that the more the blogs post on a larger screen the better chance of Apple actually listening and doing it!  

This schematic does coincide with the leaked pictures that were floating around the internet yesterday of the back panel and the  redesigned speaker and 3.5mm audio out jack on the bottom of the new iPhone. Check out the photo’s here:

Apple May Relocate The Headset Jack To The Bottom

Remember, this is something that could easily be created on any number low end software, and there seems to be a lot missing and blurred out according to Cult of Mac who has a new watermarked image than Cydia blog that seemed to break the image. In any even, enjoy the picture for what it’s worth.


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