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LeapPad Is Almost Here–Kiddies Rejoice For Their Own Tablet!

If you’re a parent then you’re about to get really excited about a new tablet…for your child. Leapfrog is preparing to begin pre-orders for the LeapPad tablet. Yes, this thing is so hot it’s going to have preorders which begin June 29th. Why the hype? This thing is an iPad for your child…maybe it’s better described as an iPad 2. But before I get too into it let me tell you about the pricing because that’s pretty key here: “LeapPad Explorer will be sold at MSRP $99.99, with downloadable applications priced at MSRP $7.50 and up and game cartridges at MSRP $24.99.” OK so what do you get for that price? It’s a 5” color touchscreen (with stylus support so it’s likely resistive), built in camera (which includes video recording and some animation editing tied in to it), an accelerometer (you know, it knows you’re moving it or if you turn the tablet) and 2gb of memory for storing pictures and video. And it’s built for durability and has a 100+ library of games and apps. And it’s from LeapFrog and anyone with a kid probably has a library of their books, dvds and toys like I do. This is the top of the line in educational products wrapped in a fun experience that I’m already dying to get my hands on and let my kids play with. Seriously more excited for this than the Xbox + Kinect I just ordered…not sure what that says about me…

Anyway, let’s watch some videos of this bad boy in action:

They’ve got a great tagline: iPad for You. LeapPad for Them.

Well played. Here’s the launch page where you can sign up to get an email to remind you to preorder. I’ll definitely be getting one of these and I’ll share my thoughts right here. Anyone else getting in line with me?