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Pitfall Is Now Next Week’s Windows Phone Xbox Live Title

OK so ignore the press release we got last week that said that Pitfall was coming this week. We got a new press release and now it shows Pitfall is coming next week as the Xbox Live title. Now before I call it Pit Fail there is a chance for salvation here. There’s a cool version of the game for Xbox and a classic version. Here take a look, first at the cool version:

Man that’s actually cool. But wait, it can get worse. Remember this version? This version is actually a 360 title whereas the good version is an Xbox title (non-360).

Not clear which one we’re getting but I hope it’s not the fail version…but so you know the fail version is the Gameroom version and that’s actually what I think we are getting based on the last few releases but I like to be optimistic that a highly viewed spot in Marketplace isn’t about to go to a game that’s as old as me…again.