If you are looking for an alternative to Surface Pro, or you like the quality of Lenovo ThinkPad and looking for a Multitouch Windows 8 (Pro) tablet with digitizer/stylus support, here is a solid laptop for Business and Entertainment. Keep in mind that this runs on Intel Atom processor unlike Surface Pro, which runs on Intel’s 3rd Generation i5 processor. Also the on board RAM is maxed to 2GB, while Surface Pro comes with 4GB RAM.

Here are the features of it and some of them can be customized on Lenovo site before buying:

ThinkPad Tablet 2 – 64 GB with WiFi, Pen & Digitizer 

Processor: Intel® Atom™ Processor Z2760 (DC/4T, 1.8Ghz Burst, 1.5Ghz HFM, 600Mhz LFM)
Operating System: Windows 8 32-bit (customizable to Windows 8 Pro 32bit)
Display: 10.1″ (16:9) HD WXGA (1366×768), Multitouch IPS
Memory: 2GB LPDDR2 (I haven’t seen any opportunity to upgrade RAM to 4GB on Lenovo site)
Warranty: 1 Year Depot/Express Warranty (variety of extended warranties available)
Integrated Mobile Broadband: No Mobile Broadband support
Battery: 2-cell Li-Polymer Battery, 30 Wh

With the above basic features this costs US$699

Note: I haven’t seen any mention on Lenovo site to upgrade RAM and internal storage. I would definitely recommend Lenovo to give potential buyers for RAM upgrade to 4GB and internal storage to 128GB.

This comes with optional Bluetooth keyboard with stand for additional US$120.

Lenovo has sent me an email today with 15% discount coupon. Here is the code if you are interested in utilizing this: OyRA95FWTyUA and this is valid through Wednesday (04/17/2013). You could use it on Lenovo site once you checkout.

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  1. Lenovo and ASUS are the only Microsoft partners who actually “get it”. Since October, I have yet to see a Dell commercial where they actually show the Windows 8 screen on one of their PCs. Are they embarrassed or something. HP is still trying to sell their Pentium and E1 machines. Toshiba is their competition in this arena. Acer…..well, never mind. And Samsung seems to be marching to a different drummer lately, so they are just doing their own thing. And the rest don’t really matter.
    Would be nice to see a 4GB RAM/128GB model. But looking at it from the other direction. For $100 more than Surface RT, the full Windows experience. Plus a bit more processor power, digitizer, and relatively little sacrifice in the battery specs. That’s not too bad.

    • jimski Agreed. This definitely fits the hands of road warrior who needs full Office experience and ability to run in house developed desktop Windows Applications with ability to run Modern UI apps.

  2. Thinking about purchasing a Windows 8 tablet this year..  I’ve owned two tablets running android and I really need a change.. Plus I am an Xbox gamer and use Windows at work and home and even own a Windows Phone 8 device.. (NOKIA lumia 920)  I don’t want to spend too much money so the Surface Pro is out of the question.  The Surface RT is one of the tablets I’m looking at along with other Tablets running The full Windows 8 OS at almost half the price of the Surface Pro..  Any suggestions?

    • FUS3360 If you want full Windows 8 experience and don’t want to run apps like Photoshop or AutoCAD, and don’t need stylus support, then I would suggest you to get either ASUS VivoTab Smart or Lenovo IdeaTab Lynx both come under $600.

      • RamU FUS3360 I don’t think I’ll be using PhotoShop so I’ll definitely look into both tablets you mentioned. Is there any alternatives to the Surface Pro?

      • FUS3360 RamU Samsung ATIV Smart 700T is an alternative. But if you want something cheaper, then Samsung ATIV Smart 500T is really good device. One of my friend has that he enjoys Windows 8 (he upgraded to pro) and stylus. S-Pen is good.
        HP ElitePad is also a good Windows 8 Tablet. the only complaint I have is 32GB configuration of it. I have same issue with Dell Latitude 10 Windows 8 Tablet.
        I recommend Samsung ATIV Smart 500T, which is a very good alternative, but that runs on Atom Processor though.

      • FUS3360 Of  course both HP ElitePad and Latitude 10 can be upgraded to 64GB though. I like one of the upgrade option there upgrading it to 4G. But if you are like me, I would spend that money on something like MiFi device rather than a stand alone 4G enabled device. But thats me.

      • RamU FUS3360 thanks a lot for the info.. I really appreciate it. You definitely narrowed down my options.

      • FUS3360 RamU If you are still in the market for it, I suggest you to check HP Envy-x2 also http://www8.hp.com/us/en/ad/envy-x2/overview.html?jumpid=em_r329_IB_6330NG&aoid=134795&email=null&rid=3524DBBF15D00CCC737F5F44BF8778EF&campaign_ID=130022%7c136207%7c1385673

      • RamU FUS3360 sweet. This one looks good. It seems to be in the right price range for me.. Thanks again..

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