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Need Desk Balls? Try Newton’s Cradle

You know those balls that some people have in their office where you start moving the ball on one side and it makes the ball on the opposite side move and it keeps going back and forth? Well now you can have one wherever you go. Thanks to Herm, Newton’s Cradle can be on your desk, on your dinner table, in your pocket (hey, do with it what you like:)). The application has sleek graphics of course (it’s Herm) and it lets you choose between eight different balls. I’m sorta fond of the globe one personally:) Just fire it up and flick the ball on either side to start them rocking. Of course, the appropriate clicking noise accompanies the ball hits. Pretty simple and oddly very amusing:) 

It’s available from Herm’s site for just $.99 and it supports VGA, WVGA, QVGA and WQVGA which covers almost every phone.

What office can’t use some more balls on the desk?:)