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Let the iPhone 5 rumors begin! Aluminum back?

iphone5rumor1As everyone knows, the iPhone 4 came under fire because of a faulty antennae design that caused some folks to drop calls if they held the device a certain way. Dubbed the “Death Grip”, Apple will surely address this issue in the next release of the device which will most likely be announced in June, and launched in July.

We have already heard things like the iPhone 5 will come with NFC all the way to a larger Retina Screen which tops my list of wants in the next device. The newest rumor has nothing to do with Near Field Communication or a larger screen, but has to do with a new antennae design that puts it in the Apple Logo on the back side of a re-introduced back cover made of aluminum. Not unlike the first design of the iPhone, the 5th generation if rumors are true will also have an aluminum back to it.

Personally, I really like the current design, but going back to the old style aluminum back does make it fall into place standing next to the iPad 2. Regardless, most folks iPhones spend the the rest of their lives embedded in a case of some kind, most popular of these is the OtterBox which complete covers every bit of surface area except the screen. So whatever the design is, mine will be all black silicone and polycarbonate covered. So with this rumor, let’s ask the readers, which design do you like better, the old style aluminum backed iPhone or the current finger print magnet glass back?

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[Via BGR & MacRumors]