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Marketplace SD Installation? Not Always

I was all excited about the ability to install to SD from Marketplace so I fired up Marketplace, had the settings set to SD and installed away. Just for you guys, I wanted to confirm that it was installing to SD so I navigated to \Programs and sure enough, on main memory there were the programs I installed. I then checked Storage Card\Program Files and nothing…So I went through a few more apps to see the results and – it was inconsistent. Some apps are installing to SD but some are definitely not.

Take a look at the attached image. You’ll see that Meon is installed to main memory and there’s no entry for it in Storage Card yet in my registry the install directory is noted as storage card.

Now I don’t know if this is caused by Marketplace or errors in the cab files themselves so I’m not prepared to blame Marketplace yet. You guys want to help in the research? Tell me if you find any apps installing to main memory when you have it set to storage card. And make sure that SD\Program Files is entirely empty. Who will solve this riddle?:)

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