Just in case you missed this video, SquareTrade (which provides warranties for devices) dropped the iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S II from waist, shoulder and then face down to see how they fared. here’s the video, but a spoiler: the iPhone gets destroyed and the Galaxy gets scratched. Interesting that even face down the Galaxy is ok considering they’re both using Gorilla Glass.

Anyway, let’s watch things fall:


  1. I have a shelf of 6 dead Sony Ericsson phones. Just put it in my kid’s hands for a couple months. Blank screens. My other kid wears them out, as does my wife. Keyboards and hinges. I have one dead HTC, unresponsive touch screen. I was able to take apart and clean out the mic of one LG, (soda) that I gave to my Mom as a hand me down.
    I dropped a coworkers Samsung Mythic from 7′, just knocked out the battery, but was fine on the restart. No Gorilla glass, just alot of plastic and light weight, makes for less impact force.
    All of MY phones have taken some sort of bad fall, including my Dell Streak 5″. But most of the time they are in leather cases, makes for a nice soft plop on the floor.
    Another coworker dropped his HD2, no case, on concrete steps, @ 4′, smashed the screen and and some of the body, including buttons. Hit that corner first.
    Your mileage may vary.

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