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Swiftkey Flow Beta


In case you don’t have it already, I thought I should let you know about my newest favorite Android keyboard replacement: Swiftkey Flow. I never got into Swiftkey because I was a huge fan of Swype. Then, I got my Galaxy S3 and used the Android version of swype-to-type. It left MUCH to be desired. I cycled through many different replacements including Swiftkey, SlideIt, and Swype beta.

On another site, I came across info for an upcoming Swiftkey Flow which promised to combine everything users loved about Swype with Swiftkey’s word prediction.

I will admit, my hopes were extremely high for this before it came out. I registered for the beta trial so I would be notified and have access early on. When the initial version was released they actually ended up releasing it publicly. From day one I fell in love with this keyboard; and remember, I already had high expectations. Is there room for improvement? Sure? You need to remember, however, this is still in beta.

One of their strong points from the beginning was never having to lift a finger “prediction.” Their premise was, you type and entire phrase or sentence without ever lifting you finger and Swiftkey Flow would know what you were trying to type. I have found this a nitch feature that hasn’t quite come into its own. I find the combination of swyping a word and next word prediction far more useful than “writing” a full sentence without lifting a finger.

The combination of swyping, word prediction, and themes (though limited) has moved Swiftkey Flow to the top of my list of favorite Android keyboards (beta or not). It was fresh on my mind because an update was released 1-4-13.

If there is anything you are unhappy with on your current keyboard, you are interested in trying another keyboard replacement, you haven’t tried a swype-to-type keyboard, or you just haven’t tried Swiftkey Flow check out the download link here (

Once you have tried it, or if you have already, sound off in the comments below.