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Motorola Xoom More Like Pedestrian

If you’re getting ready to “eat up” a Motorola Xoom tablet featuring the evolutionary Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS you might want to prepare to snack on a sampler before ordering the full course meal.  ZDNet has published an article basically highlighting what has been whispered and noticed ever since reviewers got their hands on the Xoom.  Honeycomb as it turns out is aptly named since it is quite the buggy OS.

To make matters worse the hype built up around the Xoom’s specs and the subsequent failure to deliver the expected performance gives Apple ammunition.  You just know that somewhere Steve Jobs is sitting writing his next Android zinger.  The Xoom’s "tepid” sales and buggy software also highlights why Android is a huge gamble for OEMs.

Android’s OEMs are battling each other not just Apple for product differentiation.  They have to conceptualize, manufacture and ship products at such a blistering turnaround pace that full optimization will never be achieved.  So while Apple takes up to a full year to nail the nuances of their OS, Android OEMs takes a month or two tops.  Blink and the next OS will hit the market and customers will be complaining on the hold up.

Its not a good thing for Motorola to launch a major ad campaign for the Xoom and be hit with analyst predictions that production will need to be cut not enlarged.  For Verizon the blow is softened because they have the iPad 2 they can begin to put the full force of their marketing behind.  Again, the full article touches on a couple other excellent points that deserves a reading.  Hit the link and enjoy.

Oh yeah, to get the full picture please know that apparently the Torch is outselling the Atrix.  Ouch!!!!

Source: ZDNet