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Like the World with Thumbee

This app isn’t out yet, but you can check out a preview of it on their site. I think it’s a neat idea, it allows you to scan things and immediately ‘Like’ them on Facebook.

Thumbee is designed to let you “Like the World!”. This simple mobile app allows you to use your device’s camera to scan virtually any product and instantly “like” it on Facebook without using a computer. A user can scan food, beverages, movies, books, toys, gadgets, whatever and let the world instantly know how they feel.


“Finally, if you enjoy Coca-Cola, you just scan the can and you instantly ‘like’ it on Facebook.” stated Duffy Culligan, Head of Special Projects. “This makes the ‘like’ button infinitely more powerful, immediate and fun. You can just ‘like’ things as you come across them naturally in the real word.”


Thumbee is actively accumulating brand partners to integrate special promotional content and giveaways directed at users that scan their products. Thumbee allows brands the totally unique opportunity to initiate a dialogue with their consumers while they are using their product. Who doesn’t like that?


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