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LinkedIn Comes to WM

For those of you who use LinkedIn (you’re probably still wearing your tie now:)) there’s an app for WM now. It was developed based on the LinkedIN APIs.

From the developer:

What you get …

  • Network updates
  • See your profile.
  • Browse your own connections.
  • See the profile of your connections.
  • Search for people by name.
  • Update your own status. … and do not get (yet)
    Due to the limitations of the LinkedIn® Developer API, or at least the information available through the API, not all functionality can be implemented.
    Other items are not implemented due to a time constraint.
  • Invitations
  • Any information about the connections of your own connections.
  • Restricted amount of search results and number of searches.

For more information and the download link hit this link.

via 1800PocketPC