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Live in Seattle? Get Windows Phone App

seattlepi-app-windows-phoneI have been to Seattle and absolutely love the Northwest! It is so beautiful there and the people are amazing! I frequently have to travel to Vancouver BC and I never fly directly in to Canada, I fly in Seattle and drive a few hours over the border and enjoy the scenery. I will say Mount Rainier makes me very nervous but after living in Detroit the first 30 years of my life I can tune out any danger right! Okay, I am getting way of the beat and path here but what I wanted to do is let you all know about a new app in the Windows Phone Marketplace called Get the latest Seattle news, sports, weather and more: is your best source for news about Seattle politics, traffic, crime, business, real estate, technology, Seahawks, Mariners and more.

Now, the very best of what has to offer is available on your Windows phone.

Head over to the Marketplace: