Well last week, Sunday the 5th, I was riding my bicycle in Florida and someone who passed me in a car rolled down their window and yelled “Go Mobility Digest!” I am assuming it was a regular reader of mobility digest and they knew I was associated with Mobility Digest because they saw my cycling helmet. So if you recognize this helmet and can tell me what road you saw it on or yelled “Go Mobility Digest” then you will get a special prize or gift certificate.


  1. Hahah well Marti next time you see me or you think you see me yell “go mobility digest”

    @MEG hahaha no it was a clear “Go mobility digest” i was out of the road on the right shoulder so I was not in the way :)

  2. @Meg: that is funny!

    Great to meet you AD in Florida along with Jimski! Marti sorry I didn’t realize you were down there you could have joined our mobility round table discussion! :)

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