As with all things, everything must change. So too has Mobility Digest. We have had our ups and downs and had a lot of people come and go. It has been amazing form me because I still keep in contact with most of the people I have met over the years. It all started with Tilt Mobility. Then we changed to Fuze Mobility. Then finally settled on Mobility Digest as a more generic name to call our ever changing tech junkie addictions. The mobile landscape has really changed. We started out writing about tips and tricks to hack your Windows Mobile device to even installing custom themes and flashing ROMS. How many people remember those days?

Today we are really more about discussing the technology trends and keeping up with anything tech related. For as long as we have been at this, I hate that we have lost a lot of our audience, mainly because of the lack of hacking most folks do these days. But, I think there is still lots to talk about and discuss. Mobility Digest is looking for more people with thoughts and opinions willing to share the latest news and keep the discussion going. It’s all freelance, we make enough to keep the lights on but that is about it. We are not looking for paid bloggers, ad link exchanges, or anything else. Regular people who like technology and sharing it with others. No experience needed. We don’t really care what device platform you like. We would just like to keep things going.

So if this is appealing to you, and you would like to be part of a group that discusses all things technology, then drop us an email and let’s keep the conversation going.

You can use this form here:

Thanks again and I hope to hear from you.

Doug Smith

Editor in Chief

Mobility Digest


  1. How many of us remember those days…I do. Tilt, Fuze, Titan…and at one juncture, I counted 5 ROM loads a week on my phone and loved every minute – and luckily I never bricked a phone. In think I had an almost incestuous relationship with the XDA Developers site and off line directly to folks all over the world getting their take – and their tweak – on the latest ROM loads. HTC and ATT got most of my hard-earned spare cash those days, and, if they had wanted to sell me side-loadable fairy dust I would have bought it. HTC and the XDA-Dev folks could do no wrong 5-6 years ago. Alas, as the old song goes: “Those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end”…

    So your call for writers actually asks these questions:

    – Dude, what happened?
    – What are the new market trends and current thinking?
    – What is my philosophy and how can I get similarly-minded folks organized and motivated to impact both the trends and the market.

    I can’t answer for you, I can suggest that MD (you) ask and answer these questions in philosophical detail and publish them, along with the call for like minded writers to help get the word out. I would also suggest that you niche. Verge and its ilk are addressing broad trends in science, computing and social trends. Most times Paul (Windows Supersite) talks about Windows the OS and the physical products that fall from that tree. Mary Jo (ZD – All about Microsoft) talks about support services like clouds and Azure. Some folks talk about whether the start button on a SP3 should be put back on the other side of the computer and whether the button is too recessed or not recessed enough.

    Somewhere in there you should position MD. But it’s a scary thing, since if YOU choose wrong, MD will be “dinosaured”. (It’s no wonder non-Americans don’t understand our language, they complain bitterly that we can make a verb out of any noun, in my case “niched” and “dinosaured”. Ah well.)

    Could I write for a journal like MD? No! Why? I am too pedantic, too verbose and tend to build watches rather than tell you the time.

    Ahh, this comment is already TL;DR. Good luck!

    • Thanks for the comment! We got tired of niche websites like Tilt and Fuze but you are right, they attract more readers looking for specialized and expert commentary. We were looking for a “no-bounds” tech discussion. I would like to see the evolving watch market discussed and even debate the usefulness of the “phablet”. I started off using the Dell Streak and loved it but somehow got burned out by the sheer size. I think it largely was because of busy I stay and how travel unfriendly it is not being able to stuff into a pocket. Certainly the problems with the Apple 5.5 inch phablet becoming a bendable boomerang if you put it into your pocket complicates things. I digress. I would like to keep the conversation going in what ever direct contributors would like it to go. I hate to see this many years of my life and almost 10K blog posts fall by the wayside. Certainly there is a small market we could capture and maintain. That’s all any of us here want.

  2. I thought you all were around before Tilt?
    Moving from Windows Mobile 6.x to Android, I came back here looking for a pre-view of Android to see what was different from WinMo.
    I didn’t get enough of a feel here, so I took the plunge and found out for myself.
    The one time this site let me down. (This was the first site I visited for ALL of my WinMo news)
    Because I needed specific device help, I found that forum, and the site attached to it, that has now become my first stop.
    I still check in here, but I find less, many of your advanced conversations are over my head.
    Would I like to write more, sure, but like you, I am struggling for meaningful subject matter and content that is not covered and repeated by every other site around.

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