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[MobilityLeaks] HTC One Another Botched Launch From AT&T

Kristofer Brozio: AT&T HTC One Not Quite Compatible with HTC Media Link HD (Yet)

Marti Meyers: Ugh.

Jim Szymanski: I’ll say it again, and again, and again if need be. HTC makes some great hardware, but every one of their software engineers should get booted today. They are destroying the reputation of a good company. And when a software problem is detected, it takes a new HTC model to get it fixed. HTC could take some pointers from Nokia in the software development area. Make sure it works before you release it. And if despite that, there is still a problem, drop everything and focus all your attention on the current issue, for your current customers. Not for those who may buy your next One.

Murani Lewis: I seriously don’t understand how some people come to secure such positions and miss such obvious things. These are the types of things that simply require common sense to be caught and fixed.

Ramon Trotman: Sense…. Muahahahaaaa…. I see what you did just there.

Marti Meyers: Haha that was totally unintentional. But now funny

Comment now if you got the HTC One from AT&T!

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