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Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit iPhone Cases

I can hear Simmons already hacking on his keyboard sending me another “why did you post a cheesy accessory article” when you should be concentrating on writing articles that are engaging to our readers!” Well that’s because these are some really cool cases that’s why! Most serious geeks have a passion for the Hobbit and LOTR and if you have an iPhone then you can have some serious bling for your device! There are 27 cases for the iPhone 4 and 4S and 13 available for the iPhone 5 which is sort of a bummer because I have an iPhone 5 and they don’t have the Balrog  case that is easily my favorite.

In the iPhone 5 selection I think my favorite is Gandalf image from The Hobbit:


The cases all cost $34.95 plus shipping and are available now at

Pssst: if you do some searches I found them on Amazon for $9 bucks.