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M-Edge Debuts More Accessories at 2012 CES

Reminder to self, remember to use the CES tag for all of these posts. I forgot on the last one of course but I’ve got a lot of these like this one from M-Edge announcing that they’ve got a lot of new accessories for phones and tablets. They’ve even come up with what they call MyEdge that allows you to design your own covers for Kindle, Fire and iPad 2 if you’re not happy with the ‘stock’ options out there today.


M-Edge’s new product and category expansions showcased include:

  • The launch of M-Edge’s first-ever iPhone cases, in a variety of unique styles and exclusive designs
  • The kid-friendly, shock-absorbent SuperShell for iPad 2
  • Popular accessories for Christmas’ hottest gift, Kindle Fire
  • MyEdge design-your-own covers for Kindle, Kindle Fire, and iPad 2

M-Edge will be exhibiting their industry bestsellers for e-reader and tablet jackets, including the Trip, Incline, Hampton, and Latitude jackets, as well as the e-Luminator Touch Booklight that integrates into every M-Edge e-reader jacket.